Delight Clients

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Serve People
We celebrate the strength of diversity in everyone’s beliefs, traditions, preferences, experiences, and hopes. We honor each other by verbalizing personal and professional value. We pursue collaboration, which allows the best idea to win. We believe the best in each other regardless of unknown circumstances. We serve each other toward success because we trust in shared fate.
Overcome Fear
We find strength and safety in each other, which fuels our determination to be better. We have decided that fear of failure, self doubt and the unknown are the enemy. We fight fear-based decisions by pursuing data and the experience of others. We choose to use our fear as a motivator for positive action, not an excuse for inaction.
Communicate With Integrity
We pursue the truth above self-preservation or personal gain. We authentically and courageously demonstrate consistency between our words (verbal or written), tone, expressions and actions. We communicate, the whole story, and not just what's convenient to our individual goals or ambitions. In addition to being clear, honest and accurate, our communications are candid, direct and lack spin. Our message and intent will not be dependent on who we are communicating with.
Celebrate Innovation
We innovate to drive personal & company growth. We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purpose. We have the courage to take risks and voice our ideas. We give our teammates time and grace to catch the vision of innovative ideas. We love grand challenges, as well as everyday improvements, and we seek ways to tackle it creatively to let the best idea win!
Establishing Trust
We aim to demonstrate credibility and reliability by telling the full story, being consistent with words and actions and fulfilling our commitments. We pursue clarity of intent by taking responsibility for our own understanding in order to achieve full comprehension and commitment. We extend trust by being vulnerable about our beliefs. We invite accountability in order to transform our response to perceptions, fears, and failures.
Choose a Positive Mindset
We view our failures through the lens of opportunity and imagine what could be. We don’t allow our past mistakes to determine our future success. We use words like “I can” and “it is possible” to encourage ourselves and others towards our collective purpose. We exercise our freedom to believe in each other, which galvanizes our iron will to accomplish the impossible together.
Readily Adapts
We anticipate and accept changing roles, directions and work methods with grace and a positive attitude. This demonstrates resiliency and the ability to bounce back from shifting priorities. We evolve with changing environments and remain focused on goals despite disruptions or changes in approach.
Delight Clients
We make a personal investment into each client to determine how to best serve their immediate and long-term goals for our partnership. We consult with our clients to create a customized plan to achieve their goals and proactively communicate to influence their direction. We consistently deliver on our responsibilities and gracefully empower our clients to achieve their individual goals. We regularly seek to understand their ever-changing needs and goals, so our effort matches our passion.
Learn with Humility
We seek first to understand, then be understood. We humbly exercise psychological ownership of our work and accept accountability of our actions. We contribute personal ideas and accomplish our work by pursuing excellence. Being humble is empowering, inspiring and transforming.
Aspire To Lead
We believe that the foundation of leadership is a love for people, and not based on authority, self promotion, pursuit of power, or tenure. We leverage that love to boldly claim our natural gifts, so we can unite, serve, empathize and empower. We trade away our comfort by refusing to live in relational uncertainty or ambiguity. Instead we seek alignment to purpose and guiding principles, regardless of circumstances, responsibilities, or insecurities.We model personal transformation, and invite accountability from our community, so others will join our journey to invest to influence.
Pursue Profit
We live out the idea that “profit enables generosity.” We believe that margin (profit) creates the opportunity to give back. We know that innovation requires access to margin (profit) in our time, talents, and profit. We never sacrifice quality, service, or reputation in order to pursue profit. We take responsibility for the methods of creating profit within our own sphere of influence.